Over the years of making, using and creating chalkboards I have tried many products. Some were great...others were okay. At this point I have found the products & brands that I can't create without. I want to share them with you. Keep in mind...this is my opinion of products that I have used to this point. I love hearing about new ones so please feel free to share your favorites with me as well. Below you can find links to were you can purchase these items to create beautiful chalkboards yourself. Happy Chalking!


Vinyl, slate, MDF, wood, acrylic, porcelain steel...and I'm sure there so many more types, these are just a few. So what it the best surface to use? It is completely dependent on your project & style. Personally I love the porcelain steel for my home chalkboard, weddings & events. It is the highest quality surface available & unlike other surfaces it erases easily & its magnetic. You can purchase some beautiful porcelain steel chalkboards from VersaChalk.com.
Another favorite of mine is making my own chalkboard using Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Spray paint. You can find it at almost every store that sells spray paint. It is so easy to use & dries fast. You can turn any smooth surface into a beautiful chalkboard in no time. I purchase MDF chalkboard 2 ft x 4 ft sheets from Home Depot & even though they already have a vinyl chalkboard surface I spray a couple coats of the spray paint on it. It just gives it a smooth more authentic chalkboard texture. 
Probably the most important tool you need to create a beautiful chalkboard design is your chalk. Don't waste your money on the cheap knock off brands at the craft store. You need quality chalk that lasts. Crayola Anti-dust Chalk is bright white, low dust & stronger than typical chalk. The low dust & compact chalk allows for you to sharpen it without it crumbling. It doesn't mean you won't have a dusty mess (especially with sharpening it) but it does make a difference with the strength of your chalk. My ONLY complaint with this product is that I have NOT been able to find it physically in store & can only purchase it online. This creates a problem with quality control. Shipping chalk obviously means a high chance of broken & shattered pieces. So it is what it is....on a good day I get 50% whole pieces of chalk from the box. I have found the best place to order is Amazon.
Most people don't realize that you can sharpen your chalk. I don't think I could EVER use chalk without sharpening it. IT IS A MUST!!! You need a dual hole sharpener. This is the pencil sharpeners that also have a larger hole for "crayons". BUT we are not using it for crayons my friends! 
You can purchase fairly cheap plastic ones at any store but if you want one that will last through multiple projects you need metal or aluminum. To be honest those still don't last forever either but they are better in comparison. The chalk does a number on the blades & after multiple uses the chalk will begin to break off in the sharpener. When this begins to happen just toss it & get a new one. 
Hobby Lobby is a great place to purchase this tool & it is even cheaper with a coupon. 
I'm obsessed with this tool! Not only does it save my fingers from hurting trying to use small pieces of chalk but allows me to use each stick until it's very end. Considering that a majority of the chalk sticks are shipped broken...this tool is a money saver. WARNING! When you are searching for one...DO NOT PAY more than $10! There are some online for ridiculous amounts of money & there is no need to spend that. Amazon typically has the best prices.
General's pastel chalk pencil is perfect for those tiny details & accents to your design. Test it on your chalkboard first...unlike chalk it won't eraser as easily on some surfaces. This is where the gum eraser comes in. It is soft and won't damage your chalkboard surface & will get the pencil off. Another use for the erasers is pulling chalk dust of your surface for design purposes. For example...add a shadow to your lettering using the eraser creates a 3D illusion.
The pastel chalk pencils come in a 2 pack & I purchase mine at Hobby Lobby with a coupon. You can find the gum erasers in almost an art department but as you can see I prefer Hobby Lobby because I can use a coupon.
For obvious reasons...these are custom made dishes by me. They will be available for purchase by the end of April 2018. If you want me to inform you when they are available please leave me your info or follow me on Instagram or Facebook for updates.

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Yes, please let me know when you have the chalk dust dish available. I am intrested.

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