My First day of School Chalkboard using Kassa Vinyl

Hello friends. This is Ash from SheShe Design! I’m here to share an awesome new product from Kassa with you.
I was so excited when Kassa asked me try out their new adhesive vinyl sheets. I received 60, 12 x 12 sheets of beautiful vibrant colors in a box. Yes! A BOX! No obnoxious rolls to deal with. Added bonus was the squeegee, which makes the application of the vinyl smooth & easy. It’s genius. No more using credit cards & then forgetting to put them back in my wallet.
So let’s play with some vinyl. Here is a fun DIY back to school chalkboard.

Items needed for DIY back to school chalkboard:

         - Chalkboard (I used a slate chalkboard from Hobby Lobby)
        - Kassa Clear Transfer Paper
        - Kassa Adhesive Vinyl
        - Kassa Squeegee (included with the box of the vinyl sheets)
        - Kassa Liquid Chalk Markers
        - PC with the compatible cutting software
        - Die-cut machine ( I used my vintage Cricut Expression machine I have had for years & still works great.)
        - Die cutting mat (I used a Cricut standard grip 12x12 mat)
        - scissors
                - Weeding tool (I use a small x-acto knife but Cricut has a Weeding tool)

Step 1 : Creating or downloading SVG Files

 I created the “My first day of “ design using the Procreate app on my iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil. Once you create your own design, you export it to your PC. From there you open the image into illustrator, vectorize & save it as SVG.
- OR -
Download the SVG files available at  
 - OR -
Use the Cricut Design Studio or Sure Cuts A lot to design your work, or import a design from another program. Due to the age of my machine the Cricut Studio is not compatible. So I use Sure Cuts A lot 2 (newer versions will not communicate with the my Cricut machine) to connect my PC & Cricut.

Step 2: Cutting Your Vinyl

-Insert the SVG file to the program you are using to connect to your machine. I'm using Sure Cuts A lot 2 with my Cricut Expression.
-Adjust the size of your design to the appropriate size.
-If you are wanting to cut your design using multiple vinyl colors simply right click the design to “ungroup” the shapes. Then you can select each shape & delete the ones you don’t want to cut.
-Once you have your desired shapes visible, place the vinyl sheet on your cutting mat & load the mat into the machine.
 -Select “cutter” & “Cut with Cricut” , the PC will communicate via USB with your machine & it will begin to cut your design
Step 3: Removing Vinyl 
-When your machine has finished cutting, click on the button for your mat to unload.
-Remove the Vinyl sheet from the mat. 
-Cut around your shape & removed excess vinyl
-Carefully, peeling at an angle remove the negative space of your design. 
-For smaller pieces use a sharp tool to weed the unwanted shapes. I use an x-acto knife.
Once you have removed all the negative shapes, your design remains on the white backing paper.
Step 4: Repeat Step 3 if using multiple vinyl colors
-Go back into your program & repeat the steps to cut the remaining of your design. I choose red Kassa Vinyl for the apple shape & white for the lettering.
Step 5: Applying transfer tape
-Using the squares as your guide, cut the Kassa transfer paper to the appropriate size to fit your entire design.
-Peel the white backing paper away from the clear tape.
-Carefully lay the transfer tape on your vinyl design, slowly to avoid bubbles
-Using the Kassa squeegee included in the vinyl sheets box, start in the middle & smooth the transfer tape over your design. 
-Push firmly to ensure the vinyl will adhere to the transfer tape.
-Starting at one corner, gently peel the transfer tape away from the white backing paper.
-Your vinyl shape should left easily off the backing. If you have a shape that doesn't adhere to the tape, carefully lay it back in place & apply more pressure with your squeegee tool.
Step 6: Repeat Step 5 if using multiple vinyl colors
-Carefully lay the same transfer tape on the rest of your design in a different color & repeat the previous step.
Step 7: Applying your vinyl to your chalkboard
-Now that your entire design is adhered to your transfer tape you are ready to apply it to your chalkboard.
-Avoiding bubbling, carefully lay the transfer tape in the desired spot. I choose to place mine on the left said of the chalkboard so I had room to write more information on the right side.
-Once your design is in place, use the Kassa squeegee to smooth & apply pressure to adhere the vinyl to your chalkboard.
-Starting in a corner, slowing start to peel the transfer tape off
-Take this step EXTEREMLY slow. If you peel too fast & parts of your vinyl are still stuck to the transfer tape it can tear the vinyl. 
-If there are parts not adhering to the surface, carefully lay it back down & apply more pressure until it sticks & you are able to remove all the transfer tape.
Step 8: Chalk Marker Party!!!
-Now that your entire design is adhered to your chalkboard surface, let's fill it in.
-Using Kassa's famous liquid chalk markers, write all the information to complete your DIY back to school chalkboard.
-See full time-lapse video of this project below.
Thanks for joining me. I hope you love Kassa's new vinyl sheets as much as I do.

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